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Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD Active Alert®

Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD


The Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD 16-channel DVR is designed for effective remote access, even over limited bandwidth. The fast and responsive network connection allows instant access to critical site information as you need it. Rapid Eye can record, search and transmit video, audio and data transactions while simultaneously providing users with both live monitoring and post-event playback operation.

Rapid Eye Hybrid HD is fully integrated with the Honeywell suite of security products: MAXPRO® VMS, access control and intrusion. From standalone remote systems to fully integrated enterprise solutions, Rapid Eye is effective in a wide range of security installations. Rapid Eye uses a Linux-based operating system that is extremely secure, stable and reliable. Standard storage capacities range from 500 GB to 1 TB, field expandable up to 4 TB (up to 3 TB for Rapid Eye Active Alert units). The Rapid Clip feature makes remote clip generation to a USB device or the internal DVD-RW fast and easy.

For increased alarm verification and superior false alarm reduction, the Rapid Eye™ Active Alert® option incorporates 8 channels of intelligent video analytics with standard Rapid Eye functionality into one robust platform. This creates a true video analytics solution for companies requiring analysis of multiple channels of video without the need to invest in additional hardware such as video analytics servers and workstations.

Market Opportunities
The Rapid Eye Hybrid HD seamlessly integrates with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK® SE, WIN-PAK® PE, NetAXS™ and Pro-Watch® access control software platforms as well as MAXPRO® VMS, making Rapid Eye a scalable and powerful solution that’s easy to deploy. For retail markets, its built-in data capture capability makes it extremely useful as a loss prevention analysis tool. Rapid Eye is also PCI compliant and certified for use in data capture environments. Whether the market is commercial, industrial, municipal, financial, or retail, when the need includes remote video surveillance, the solution is Rapid Eye Hybrid HD.



  • Hybrid support for up to a combined total of 16 channels of analogue and IP cameras
  • IP camera support for up to four equIP® v2 and/or HD3 or HD4 IP cameras with local UI turned on, and a maximum of 16 IP channels with local UI turned off
  • Real-time recording rates (NTSC/PAL)
  • Up to 4CIF analogue camera recording and/or viewing resolution
  • IP camera maximum recording and viewing resolution is 1280x720 (HD)
  • Live viewing using LocalView
  • DVD-RW drive for local clip generation
  • 16 looping video inputs
  • Dual audio channels (Bi-directional and VoIP)
  • 16 alarm inputs, 8 control outputs, 8 serial ports
  • 4 field-replaceable/removable hard drive trays
  • LINUX – secure, stable multi-tasking real-time OS
  • Two front panel USB ports for quick and easy access
  • Up to 8 channels of embedded intelligent video analytics (analogue channels only)


  • Analogue camera resolutions: selectable independently per camera for live and recording
  • IP camera resolutions: selectable per camera, live and recording resolutions are the same
  • Event-driven response recording
  • TCP/IP port forwarding –multiple units share an IP address
  • DHCP (requires DHCP Server and WINS/DNS services)
  • SNTP client automatically synchronizes to SNTP servers
  • RapidSearch™ for video evidence by events, data, motion or alarm
  • IntelliBus™ protocol support
  • Enables user-defined event and alarm settings for each camera view
  • Remote Client allows full distributed system access regardless of location
  • Powerful search tools offer an instantaneous method of searching and locating video

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD Datasheet 1.39 MB 05/12/11
Installation Guide - Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD Installation Guide 2.76 MB 28/02/13
LocalView Quick Instructions 1.79 MB 12/04/12
Quick Setup Guide - Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD 990.76 KB 28/02/13
Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD Common Operations Guide 706.67 KB 12/04/12
Remote View Guide - Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD 2.14 MB 28/02/13
System Administrator Guide - Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD 4.51 MB 28/02/13
A&E Specs
A&E Specification - Rapid Eye™ Hybrid HD 44.35 KB 14/11/14
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