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Active Alert® - Honeywell Video Analytics


Honeywell’s video analytics suite of products enables enhanced security and surveillance solutions by automatically monitoring video for specific people, vehicles, objects, and their associated behaviour within a camera view. Honeywell Video Analytics can provide real time alarms based on user defined rules to detect abnormal or suspicious behaviour without the need for human supervision. This powerful capability enhances both manned and unmanned operations by working 24/7, reducing the amount of video data operators must review, and enabling a high level of monitoring for any size of video system. Honeywell Video Analytics software is accurate and high performing and is capable of monitoring and analysing the behaviour of up to 20 objects per camera view, both indoors and outdoors. There are 3 packages available, Active Alert, People Counter and Smart Impressions. Active Alert is available in 3 levels, Base, Standard and Premium. Each of these enables a different set of detectable behaviours.

Product packages can be mixed and matched on a single server enabling the user to assign a product package for each camera to enable the features they need for that particular camera. This results in flexibility for the user to select a combination of product packages to run on each analytics server to ensure optimal end-user deployment requirements.

Market Opportunities
The Honeywell video analytics suite of products is an ideal solution to enhance a facility’s current level of security or to optimise the use of current personnel resources. The software packages can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with a compatible recording system with local and remote management capabilities. The user interface is intuitive, user friendly and easy to maintain, regardless of the system size. Powerful data search tools enables almost instantaneous access to events and alarms.

Typical applications include exterior perimeter protection, controlling restricted areas and detecting of behaviours that are precursors to potentially dangerous or illicit situations.


  • Supports Honeywell IP EQUIP® Series MPEG4 and H.264 cameras (720p, WDR, 1080p) and IP Performance Range
  • An i-LIDS® approved system both as a primary detection system for operational alert use and as an approved event based recording system for sterile zone monitoring applications
  • User interfaces available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German languages
  • Real-time scene analysis and alarms based on user definable rules
  • Powerful onsite or remote configuration capabilities
  • Rich set of detectable events and behaviours to suit a broad set of system requirements
  • Accurate indoor and outdoor applications with patented technology to reduce false alarms
  • High performance software that minimises the need for excessive PC hardware
  • Improved Forensics Tool with Smart Search for instantaneous retrieval of incidents even under new rules
  • Ability to provide voice, visual, relay closure, e-mail, or cell phone alarm
  • Supports multiple relay boards to trigger relays on analytics alarms
  • Polygon zones allow the user to define areas to better match the scene structure.
  • Supports Fusion 4.5 units as a video input source to provide live video via IP to a stand-alone analytics server, up to 16 channels from each Fusion DVR/NVR

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Intelligent Video Analytics Data Sheet 342.67 KB 02/04/13
A&E Specs
Intelligent Video Analytics System A&E Specs 271.5 KB 10/02/09
Other Resources
Corrections Capabilities Overview 30.9 KB 06/11/07
Critical Infrastructure Capabilities Overview 40.95 KB 06/11/07
Intelligent Video Analytics Brochure 750.52 KB 03/12/07
Military and Government Capabilities Overview 37.27 KB 06/11/07
Retail Capabilities Overview 42.15 KB 06/11/07
Warehousing and Distribution Centers Capabilities Overview 47.6 KB 06/11/07
Ordering Information

Part No.  Description 

HASWCD Software CD
HAAB Active Alert Base (single channel add on licence)
HAAS Active Alert Standard (single channel add on licence)
HAAP Active Alert Premium (single channel add on licence)
HASI Smart Impressions (single channel add-on licence)
HAAC People Counter (single channel add-on licence)
HAAMS* Alarm Management Server Software
HACARDPAC2 Euresys™ Picolo Alert™ Compact frame grabber PCI Express Card for 8 analogue inputs (must use with HACARDCAB8)
HACARDCAB8 Euresys™ 8 port spider cable for Picolo Alert™ Compact Card (HACARDPAC2)
100-00504 USB-based 8 Form C Relays and 8 High Voltage Inputs (Versions earlier than HVA 4.8 can only use 1 per analytics server)
100-00473 USB-based 24 Form C Relays electromechanical 6 AMP outputs (Versions earlier than HVA 4.8 can only use 1 per analytics server)
HA16SRVT4X 16 Channel Mini-tower, Dell Precision, will fit 2 HACARDPAC2 (not included), EMEA power settings, 41.4 x 17.3 x 47.1 cm
(H x W x D)
HA32SRVT4X 32 Channel Mini-tower, Dell Precision, will fit 4 HACARDPAC2 (not included), EMEA power settings, 41.4 x 17.3 x 47.1 cm
(H x W x D)
HA16SRV4X 16 Channel 1U Rackmount, Dell Poweredge, will fit 1 HACARDPAC2 (not included), EMEA power settings,
4.3 x 48.2 x 66.2 cm (H x W x D). The rest of the channels must be IP video inputs.
HA32SRV4X 32 Channel 2U Rackmount, Dell Poweredge, will fit 1 HACARDPAC2 (not included), EMEA power settings,
4.3 x 48.2 x 66.2 cm (H x W x D). The rest of the channels must be IP video inputs.
*Alarm Management Server Software needs to be installed on a separate PC Server (Recommended unit is HA16SRVT4X)

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