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NetAXS-123 is a fully featured, compact stand-alone access control solution that can be easily installed and managed via a web browser without the need to be connected to a network or the internet. Each NetAXS-123 panel can be configured for one, two or three doors.

Stand-alone panel managed using free web browser functionality
NetAXS-123 doesn't require an on-line connection or a dedicated PC and operates autonomously. To manage the card holders and access control functionality on the panel locally, simply connect via the free web browser using a USB or standard network cable to any PC or laptop.

Easy installation saves time
The NetAXS-123 panel provides all connections for 1, 2 or 3 doors with one or two readers per door. Expanding a one door system takes just minutes with the NetAXS-123 add-on boards for one or two doors. Connecting the peripherals is made easier and wiring minimised using Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, self powered outputs for locks and USB connectivity. Units are available in either a compact plastic enclosure or a metal enclosure with a built-in power supply for panel and locks. Both are attractively designed to blend in with users' premises.

No need for dedicated software
Whether the user needs to run a report or manage card holders or you need to service and maintain the NetAXS-123 panel, there is no need for dedicated software. Everything is managed securely via the web interface.

Easy as @bc
Like surfing the internet, intuitive web pages easily guide the user through the full set of extensive access control functionality, reducing training time for both installer and user.

On-line management and remote service opportunity
As a web-based panel NetAXS-123 can be connected to the internet or a company's intranet, which enables the user to manage their access control within the company's network on-line. If the user's network provides access to the internet for the NetAXS-123 panel, the installer has the opportunity to remotely service and maintain the panel, connecting safely using secure internet protocols. In both cases, the only tool needed is a laptop with the web browser.

Low cost of ownership
NetAXS-123 is an affordable solution for the user. As security needs grow, NetAXS-123 can be expanded up to a 93 door stand-alone system, all manageable via one web browser. In stand alone applications, energy costs can be saved as there is no need for a dedicated PC to run 24/7. As an option for a remote managed solution, WIN-PAK™ PRO Central Station can be applied to NetAXS-123 and in addition, a basic stand alone NetAXS-123 system can easily grow to an integrated security solution using WIN-PAK™. All these growth opportunities can be made without loss of investments.

Video add on opportunity
NetAXS-123 can be very easily expanded with event based IP Video recording and quad live view via the NetAXS-123 web interface, eliminating the need for external recording devices such as NVRs or DVRs.

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
NetAXS-123 Datasheet 572.72 KB 07/12/12
NetAXS-123 Access Control Unit Installation Guide 3.75 MB 06/09/13
NetAXS-123 Add-On Board Installation Guide 1.93 MB 03/08/10
NetAXS-123 Compact Enclosure Basic Installation Guide 948.85 KB 03/08/10
NetAXS-123 Standard Enclosure Basic Installation Guide 15.94 MB 03/08/10
NetAXS-123 Connectivity diagrams 248.93 KB 08/09/10
NetAXS-123 FAQ List 53.38 KB 14/11/12
Product Drawings
NetAXS-123 - Base, NS3 122.31 KB 18/02/11
NetAXS-123 - NS3 Base 278.31 KB 18/02/11
NetAXS-123 - NS3 Cabinet 1.72 MB 18/02/11
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
1 Door Solutions
NX1P One door, compact (plastic) enclosure - PoE or external 12 VDC power supply required
NX1MPS One door, standard (metal) enclosure with tamper switch and terminal block. Includes 4 A, 12 VDC output/ 100-240 VAC input power supply and 12V, 7 AH battery
2 Door Solutions
NX2P Two door, compact (plastic) enclosure - External 12 VDC power supply required
NX2MPS Two door, standard (metal) enclosure with tamper switch and terminal block. Includes 4 A, 12 VDC output/ 100-240 VAC input power supply and 12V, 7 AH battery
3 Door Solutions
NX3MPS Three door, standard (metal) enclosure with tamper switch and terminal block. Includes 4 A, 12 VDC output/ 100-240 VAC input power supply and 12V, 7 AH battery
Add-on Boards (For 1 and 2 door expansions)
NXD1* One door add-on board (Adds 1 door to your existing 1-door system = 2 doors)
NXD2** Two door add-on board (Adds 2 doors to your existing 1-door system = 3 doors)
OmniClass Readers
OM30BHOND OmniClass 2.0 mini-mullion reader
OM45BHOND OmniClass 2.0 EU single gang and wall reader
OM55BHOND OmniClass 2.0 single gang and wall reader with keypad, black
OKP0N34 OmniClass PVC 2k2 smart card, printable
PXKEYH16K16 OmniClass 16k16 smart key fob
* Requires external power when used in compact plastic enclosure
** 2-door add-on board is not compatible with compact plastic enclosure

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