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The Honeywell Integrated Security Integrator Service Certification (ISC) programme is setting a new standard in the security industry. The programme assures a consistently high level of integrator support and service to our end users. It also recognises and rewards our integrators’ substantial investments in servicing and supporting Honeywell security systems.

The standards of service are composed of seven key service elements that are essential to providing quality service:

  • Honeywell Product Training
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Project Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Software Support Agreement (SSA) Retention
  • Test Facility
  • CAD Capabilities

  • Platinum Dealers
  • Gold Dealers
  • Silver Dealers

Platinum Certified Integrators
Platinum Integrators score highly in all the service categories above. Their engineers have undergone comprehensive training on the full suite of Honeywell Integrated Security products and Microsoft Operating Systems / components. They have strong project management skills, CAD capabilities and a proven record of customer satisfaction.
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Integrator Name Country
Tyco-UK Integrated Systems United Kingdom
AW Technic AB Sweden
Eurocontrolli Srl Italy
Hoyrup & Clemmensen A/S Denmark
Infrasecur S.A. Portugal
LanckerWolters beveiliging & ict The Netherlands
Nova Integrated Systems Ltd United Kingdom
NUTZ GmbH Germany
Security Standard Russia
Stanley Security Belgium BVBA Belgium
Total Security Protection Ltd United Kingdom
Universal Security Systems Ltd United Kingdom

Gold Certified Integrators
Gold Integrators’ engineers have undergone comprehensive training in the Honeywell Integrated Security product range and are generally able to demonstrate good capability across service categories.
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Integrator Name Country
ESSC NV Belgium
ESI Malta Ltd Malta
Reliance High Tech Limited United Kingdom
Shield Beveiligingstechiek The Netherlands
Tehnozavod Marušić Croatia
Zarifopoulos Greece

Silver Certified Integrators
Silver Integrators’ engineers have been trained in the Honeywell Integrated Security product range and have proved themselves to be able to install, programme and maintain such products. In addition, these Integrators will have strong capabilities in selected other service categories listed at the top of the page.
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Integrator Name Country
ADD Andrzej Grodecki Poland
Alarmibérica Internacional SA. Portugal
Helinick SC Srl Romania
IP Communicationstechniek B.V. The Netherlands
Mansveld Projecten & Services B.V. The Netherlands
Securiton SP Cyprus
VEM Sistemi S.p.a. Italy