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OBI protects its businesses with Honeywell Galaxy Dimension

The Customer
With over 550 retail outlets worldwide, OBI is a leading brand in the building and DIY sector across Europe. Founded in Germany 40 years ago, the company now employs around 38,000 staff.  OBI began its international expansion in Italy in 1991 and now employs over 1,700 staff across 47 stores with floor spaces ranging from 2,000 to 7,000 square metres, and a total floor space of 135,000 square metres. In 2009, OBI welcomed over 11 million customers through its doors. 

Thanks to a positive response from Italian consumers, the OBI Group is successful in achieving its objective to cater for every aspect of home improvement at affordable prices for customers who enjoy putting their skills and creativity to work completing DIY projects in their spare time.

The Requirement
Over the years, OBI has always invested effectively in physical security with intruder alarm and video surveillance systems. With the experience OBI has gained in security and its own technical expertise, Inres, the division of the group which manages OBI’s security requirements, recognised the opportunity to improve and optimise OBI’s security procedures using the latest technologies on the market. Inres’ vision was to integrate intrusion detection and video surveillance in the OBI stores and to simplify operation and management with one user interface. 

The new solution needed to take into account OBI's existing security systems to minimise new investment and provide a solution suitable for its current and future requirements. It would be implemented in all stores throughout Italy, both in new buildings and during the renovation of existing buildings. 

To achieve this, OBI decided that it required a security system that would allow the integration of intrusion and video surveillance functions to deliver a more powerful and flexible solution. 

OBI also required a flexible access control system that could be integrated with the security system so that one swipe card could be used for both the access control and intrusion functions. 

OBI defined that the integration software must provide a simple, intuitive yet comprehensive graphical user interface, possibly using "touch screen" technology, to enable store managers to use the interlinked and complex security system quickly and easily. This graphical user interface was to be located in the main information and control centre located in the reception area of every store. 

Elcon Italia has worked for many years in the field of systems integration and was responsible for proposing customised software that suited OBI’s requirements.

The search for the most appropriate system resulted in the selection of Honeywell Galaxy Dimension. Galaxy Dimension was the only platform that would allow the security system to be integrated with the access control system while also allowing the development of monitoring software that would integrate all security functions (intrusion, video and access control). Galaxy Dimension meets the increasing need for the security market to adopt open systems which can integrate with each other, even in highly complex systems, and also provide the end user with a user-friendly solution, ease of installation and maintenance. 

Galaxy Dimension’s access control function and its compatibility with standard Wiegand readers made it possible to use one swipe card for intrusion and access control. This offered a considerable advantage in terms of both time and cost. In addition, the Galaxy Dimension system integrates with third-party manufacturers’ systems enabling OBI to retain its existing video system so that only the intrusion system needed to be replaced. 

The selected control panel was Galaxy Dimension 520 due to its ideal suitability for the size of OBI's stores and its flexibility for future expansion.

"We now have a complete security solution which offers the appropriate level of protection to suit OBI Italia’s requirements: totally flexible with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that allows quick and effective control," said Daniele Sgrilli, Technical Director of OBI Italia. 

The advantages

By integrating existing components into the Galaxy Dimension system BUS savings are possible in cable laying and time consuming connections. A considerable saving has also been made in terms of the cost and time to install and commission the new system, allowing the solution to be implemented in a very short time, fully satisfying the customer's requirements. Furthermore, maintenance and programming of Galaxy Dimension can easily be carried out through a remote management tool which permits automatic monitoring and direct communication with the OBI store personnel responsible for maintenance.  This results in considerable cost and time savings by reducing the frequency of on-site operations.

Galaxy Dimension’s flexibility was one of its biggest selling points! Its integrated access function and open platform allowing it to merge seamlessly with other building control systems have enabled it to fully respond to the customer's requirements.  Thanks to its extensive knowledge of the Galaxy Dimension system, Elcon Italia has developed the supervision software to enable management of the various intrusion, video and access control functions from the control centre in the reception area of every store using one simple and intuitive touch screen interface.  

"Combining access control and intrusion in a single integrated system with one point of contact has resulted in greater ease of use and flexibility for the employees who use the system every day,".stated Giacomo Bonassi, Store Manager of the OBI Reggio-Emilia.

Proven security
Honeywell's Galaxy solution has been used by Elcon Italia for many years, due to its reliability and complete range of functions. The Galaxy Dimension system is certified according to European standard EN50131-1, security level 3, Environmental Class II. 

Solution Provider
Inres, a consulting and design company, that has been actively involved in the technical management and developments of OBI Italia for many years, has used its technical skills to deliver solutions that place OBI at the forefront of technology. By constantly searching for new technologies that are aimed at satisfying the customer’s requirements, Inres has been able to outclass ordinary products offered on the market. The security requirement proposed was to find a complete and reliable system that would offer the ability to integrate with other systems and technology and above all, be able to meet the need for customisation. Inres, maximising the potential of the Galaxy Dimension system, has not only fulfilled the customer's requirements but has also exploited the system to make savings in hardware and production time.

Within one year in Italy, six new stores have been built and another three have been modified with the new solution which incorporates Galaxy Dimension. 

OBI Italia now has a complete and integrated system which can be adopted by all stores and managed from a simple graphical user interface where it is possible to display not only alarm signals but also maps and related video images in detail.

A trusted partner
System integrator Elcon Italia operates throughout Italy providing integrated security systems and solutions for building automation since 1983. Elcon Italia has been able to adapt to the needs of the market using products and solutions that exceed its customers’ expectations. Thanks to a strong relationship with Honeywell, Elcon Italia has developed a broad and detailed knowledge of the Galaxy Dimension system, which allows it to take full advantage of the system’s potential for the benefit of its customers. 

"We can count on Honeywell Security products to protect our customers.  Honeywell's solutions have always provided the answer we need for specific customer requests.” said Marco Nanni, Project and Technical Manager Elcon Italia.


  • Galaxy Dimension 520 central control unit
  • Galaxy MK7 keypads and Keyproxes
  • DCM Access Control Module
  • MAX4 proximity reader
  • GALAXY SMART power supply units

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