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Corio: Safety and security in shopping centres
The client:
Corio Spain is one of the largest listed property investment companies in Europe, with a focus on retail. Corio’s portfolio worth six billion Euro consists of 81% of shopping centres in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey. The owners of Corio are also the managers of its own shopping centres. In Spain, Corio is one of the main companies in this sector, with nine commercial centres located around the country which are a recognised reference in modernity and design.

The situation:
Corio Spain has always given high importance to the security of the millions of people who visit its commercial centres daily, as well as to the security of its employees and the assets of the multiple shops located in its centres. There are several security threats associated with commercial shopping centres which can include robbery, shoplifting, and vandalism in the external parts of the premises. There are many areas, completely separate from each other that need to be controlled and monitored in a shopping mall, starting with goods for sale on supermarket shelves, benches in the shops, emergency exits and common areas such as car parks. For that reason, Corio was looking for a comprehensive and modern security system, one that was even superior to the security standards required legally, and presently in place for these types of security installations.

The solution:
TAS, Tecnologías Aplicadas de Seguridad, was selected by the Corio Spain Security department. After visiting various Corio commercial centres in Spain, and evaluating customer needs, TAS designed a security system that responds to the customer’s requirements, and provides a flexible and easily scalable solution that can also accommodate integration with other security applications as and when required. Prior to working with TAS, Corio used independent contractors that installed different equipment to varying standards. Controlling the different systems had become really difficult to manage, and in addition, each commercial centre chose independently which system it installed.

Antonio Lopez, manager of the Corio Spain Security Department, comments: “TAS fully understood our security needs from the beginning and provided us with a highly specialised solution and assistance that could be applied in all our centres. TAS is a highly specialised company in the retail sector, with a service that best fits our requirements.”

Rafael Fernández, TAS general manager, comments: “We recommended a Honeywell Security solution because we trust in the quality and professionalism of the company. Also, and no less important, Honeywell Security provides a full product range and experience in integrated security solutions which are key for this customer. The Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarm platform offers multiple intrusion detection features and the ability to integrate with an access control system, which could be required by Corio Spain in the near future.”

The system provided to Corio included intrusion detection, video and fire, all controlled by an integration software. In order to manage it, the project designed had to be of the highest quality, and close collaboration between the installer and the manufacturer with the end user was essential in order to develop the most customized and functional security system possible.

The Honeywell Security Sales manager, César Vaquero and the TAS General Manager, Rafael Hernandez worked together to design the security system, choosing the Galaxy platform as the perfect fit for this commercial installation. Galaxy training courses were organised for the people that would be in direct contact with the systems, and for the commercial centres managers. The security system enables managers to be constantly informed of movements in the commercial centres. If an emergency door has been opened, if an alarm has been switched on in the car park, or any other security event occurs on their premises, the managers are alerted through the Galaxy keypads placed in their offices and at the software slave points. During opening hours, the security manager of each commercial centre makes the necessary decisions when an alarm has been switched on, and they can communicate the event directly to the employees avoiding any disturbance to customers.

With its multiple functionality panel, the Galaxy platform is easy to use, a highly valuable factor for Corio Spain as it reduces the response time of the security guards. Equally, because the security system is used in a commercial environment, the aesthetically pleasing design of the keypads and sensors is an excellent fit with the modern and elegant style of all of Corio’s commercial centres.

“TAS fully understood our security needs from the beginning and provided us with an outstanding solution and assistance that could be applied in all our centres. TAS is a highly specialised company in the retail sector, with a service that best fits our requirements.”
Antonio Lopez manager of the Corio Spain Security Department

The Benefits:
Safe and secure
The security system with its advanced functionalities has required a large financial investment by Corio Spain. However, the positive results have rapidly been noted. Losses linked to theft and vandalism acts have been reduced by 50%, and provided large savings for the company.

It is important to remember that Corio’s main objective is for its customers to feel safe and secure when they are enjoying a shopping afternoon in any of its commercial centres. Because of this, Corio’s management team didn’t consider security as an expense, but rather as an important investment. Increasingly, security is considered as an added value, and another sign of quality of comfort in any building or site. Thanks to the Honeywell Galaxy solution, starting in the car park and finishing on the highest shelf in the store, all the commercial centres are protected, and customers and employees feel safe and relaxed.

Partner of Choice:
TAS was founded in January 1996. Since then, it is a key partner of choice for Honeywell Security Spain, and specialises in the retail market. TAS selected Honeywell Security as a partner of choice because of its technical knowledge, professionalism, and a team that has always fully supported TAS in its installations. The company is recognised for the personalised assistance and support it provides to its customers.


  • Galaxy Classic + Mk7
  • DT7550 sensors
  • Magnetic contact 960
  • RIO
  Corio - Safety and security in shopping centres