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Security a high priority at new NHS Primary Care Centre

The Whitegate Health Centre, a new NHS Primary Care Centre located in Blackpool, Lancashire, was opened to the public in September 2009.

Eric Wright Construction was the primary building contractor responsible for the project and its Facilities Management division was selected to manage all aspects of the buildings security and general maintenance.

The Primary Care Centre was built as part of a wider NHS initiative to bring non emergency / surgical health services such as x-ray, physiotherapy, dental services, general practitioners, a walk-in centre, sexual health clinic, podiatry and children’s services under one roof to enable hospitals to concentrate on the provision of emergency, surgery and specialist health care.

The Situation:
A comprehensive integrated security solution was required to protect and monitor the patients, staff and visitors who use the facility. The security installer Black Box Security, based in Preston, Lancashire, has worked with Eric Wright for over 25 years and drew on a wealth of necessary experience, expertise and product knowledge to supply the right solution for this project. The security solution specified required integrated digital video recording, access control, intruder detection and CCTV (IP and analogue cameras).

Working with Honeywell to supply the complete product range meant that Black Box Security benefited from a smooth and uncomplicated contracting process. One of the most important aspects of any major security installation is the capability of different products to seamlessly integrate and interoperate with each other. Honeywell provides an integrated approach to security, creating a seamless system for the security contractor from an installation and maintenance point of view. The end user benefits from a reliable, customised and state-of-the-art integrated security system.

“The challenge from our point of view was how to integrate the intruder system, access control, digital recording and CCTV, whilst making the installation and maintenance process as smooth as possible,” stated David Barnes at Black Box Security. “As you can imagine, health facilities are high risk sites, so every detail must be accounted for.”

The Solution:
A detailed risk assessment along with a method statement was submitted before the work could be started by Black Box Security. This highlighted the potential risks at the site and how the security solution would address these risks.

Following the risk assessment, Black Box Security and Eric Wright Facilities Management (on behalf of Blackpool Primary Care Trust) chose an integrated security system from Honeywell. The challenge was to combine access control, CCTV (IP and Analogue) and intruder systems into a cohesive integrated and user-friendly system. Honeywell was selected because of the seamless interoperability of WIN-PAK®, Fusion Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and the Galaxy Dimension intruder control panel which ultimately creates a robust and reliable end-to-end solution.

For this project the Honeywell WIN-PAK access control system includes 104 smart card proximity readers and twenty seven N1000 control panels. Expandability is the most important feature of many access control systems. The N-1000 can operate as a standalone two or four door controller, and up to 31 N-1000's may be connected on an RS485 drop-line as needs increase. This includes the readers for the public lifts, thus only allowing public access to the appropriate floors.

WIN-PAK with Galaxy integration provides a single user interface that integrates access control with video and intrusion to create a more robust platform with increased functionality. Functions that have traditionally been tied together through physical relays and input devices are now controlled logically. Full-scale system management of single or multiple locations is possible - resources can be moved, controlled or shared across multiple locations simply by logging on to a system.

From a video perspective, WIN-PAK offers complete enhanced digital video integration to the two Fusion DVRs installed in the centre’s security control room. Integration allows video to be linked to both access control and Galaxy intrusion events and alarms. Video clips can easily be recalled with the software, based on a time or event. With integration, users can have complete camera control, including pan, tilt and zoom, and can verify live users with stored images using the video verification option.

The Honeywell EQUIP® HCD554IPX IP cameras were installed in the health centre canteen area as a means of preventing shrinkage and monitoring movements and activity within this area of the building. This particular camera is specifically designed for object recognition which is required in locations where variable and low light conditions exist – like a canteen. Set-up is quick and easy and can be customised through a web client or from a Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Full and comprehensive training was provided for both the facilities management staff and the onsite security staff. As the main manufacturer involved in the project, Honeywell supported the programme from its Training Centre of Excellence in Runcorn.

Operating and maintenance manuals were supplied along with all fitted specifications and drawings in hardcopy version and on CD. This was essential for the client as a reference point or if security settings needed to be changed in the future.

As a unit of an NHS Primary Health Care Trust, Whitegate Primary Health Care Centre is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for patients, staff and visitors. It is accountable to the NHS, the government and the taxpayer. Therefore security is of the utmost importance.

“The breadth of the Honeywell product range and our integrated solutions meant that Black Box could specify a complete security system from a single reliable supplier.”
David Barnes, Blackbox Security

The Benefits
Hospitals and Health Centres are considered to be prime targets for crime. The Honeywell solution incorporating Fusion DVRs and IP cameras provides a robust, accurate and dynamic video system to monitor, capture and record images and footage. The speed, accuracy and efficiency of the system will aid security staff in dealing with any issues which may occur, either in real time or in providing evidence for later actions.

The seamless integration and interoperability provides major benefits to the customer. For example, the doors controlled by the WIN-PAK access control system are also monitored by cameras enabling the security manager to gain visual verification of all people accessing the controlled doors. The 104 door readers installed throughout the building control access to many different rooms; access to some parts of the centre is strictly controlled so only authorised personnel may enter. WIN-PAK enables security staff to know exactly who is in the building and in a particular zone at any given time, combined with integrated video surveillance staff can monitor the building in real time and thus deliver a safer and more secure environment for all.

“I’ve worked with Honeywell on a number of projects and the product range and level of integration on offer certainly makes life easier as an installer,” said Barnes. “Add to that the expertise, knowledge and professionalism of the Honeywell team both on-site and behind the scenes makes them our number one choice.”

The Health Care Trust is now planning to expand the current system by increasing the number of on-site cameras and doors which are access controlled. This is simple to achieve with the WIN-PAK system and allows additional areas of the building to be opened to the public whilst maintaining the appropriate level of security throughout.

“This system enables us to monitor the building inside and out so we are able to correct any issues before they turn into problems,” commented Dave Hamilton, Facilities Manager at Eric Wright Group. “The safety and security of the staff, patients and physical assets of the health centre is our priority. Black Box Security is a great partner to work with and provides support and assistance every step of the way. As the system is user-friendly and operated via a single user interface it is easy to manage both the video and intruder parts of the system. That means my team is always in control.”

“This system enables us to monitor the building inside and out so we are able to correct any issues before they turn into problems.”
Dave Hamilton, Facilities Manager, Eric Wright Group

Partner of Choice
Black Box Security

Black Box Security is a fully accredited company for the provision of intruder Alarms, CCTV and Access Control Systems. Our NSI Gold Approval which incorporates BS EN ISO 90001- 2000 for the installation and maintenance of security systems, reflects the high levels of technical expertise and commitment that is needed to protect people, property and their assets. Black Box Security has always been committed to a totally integrated and managed Quality Assurance programme recognising the benefits to both the clients and ourselves.

Eric Wright Group
As a Group, our wide-ranging experience within the industry comes from decades spent in commercial construction, over 25 years design and build experience, property development and facilities management.

Group Portfolio
The Eric Wright Group’s property portfolio is valued at over £80m Eric Wright Facilities Management handles all acquisition and disposal of property, in conjunction with planned and responsive maintenance including cleaning, grounds maintenance and site supervision.

Local Improvement Finance Trust’s
We are the selected Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) partner for the following areas, East Lancashire, Wigan, Bolton, Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton We currently have sixteen operational LIFT schemes in the region, with a further three currently being constructed and due to be opened in late 2009.

Private Finance Initiative’s
Private Finance Initiatives (PFI’s) allow private sector companies to provide, maintain and operate public sector facilities such as schools and hospitals, enabling our clients to focus on their core functions. Completed projects include, Primary and Secondary Schools, Elderly Care Units and a £20million Health Centre all within the North West.


  • 16 Channel Fusion Digital Video Recorders (x 2)
  • WIN-PAK® Access Control System
  • N1000 Access control panels (x 27)
  • 104 OmniProx™ door readers
  • Equip® IP cameras HCD554IPX (x 2)
  • Galaxy Dimension Intruder Detection System
  Security a high priority at new NHS Primary Care Centre, Blackpool (pdf)