Honeywell Security UK


Nottingham City Homes

The Client:

Nottingham City Homes, previously part of Nottingham City Council, and now a limited company, is responsible for over 30,000 tenanted properties in and around the City of Nottingham. John Bloor is a Service Manager within the Technical and Investment Directorate and is responsible for the domestic security, fire alarms, emergency lighting and all electrical works. Geoff Green is a Team Leader for Nottingham City Homes, responsible for the installation of intruder alarms, servicing, repairs, and maintenance.

The Situation:

In 1994 Nottingham City Council launched the Homewatch Scheme, to tackle the Citys high levels of domestic burglaries and vandalism. Homewatch was devised as a result of a government initiative to make towns and cities safer. Over the past eleven years more than 14000 council and privately owned homes in the City have been fitted with alarm systems and other security packages, as part of Homewatch and other security schemes run by the Council. This is thought to be one of the largest and longest running domestic security schemes of its type in the UK, and it is still going strong today. An objective of the Homewatch scheme is that tenants feel safer and more secure in their homes and are therefore less likely to want to move, maintaining a stable community in Nottingham City.

The Solution:

The alarm equipment was initially sourced through tender and Honeywell Security was selected as the partner of choice, providing the most cost effective and user friendly solution. The IntelliSense 700L alarm system and sensors were specified, with consideration given to the life value of the system, as well as its ease of installation and use. The IntelliSense alarm was tried and tested against many other brands. The company constantly evaluates and compares different products, but to this day they are satisfied with the Honeywell solution. John Bloor comments: As the Homewatch Scheme has evolved we've asked for certain tweaks and changes. Honeywell have catered for our needs and time and again provided the right solutions. Regarding the alarm system John comments: The beauty of IntelliSense is its simplicity, combined with the fact that all replacement parts are engineered to minimise the need for redecoration of properties. This benefits both us and the customer.