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Discovery Networks Europe - Secure Transmissions

The Client:
Discovery Networks Europe (DNE) is a division of the leading global real-world media company, Discovery Communications Inc. DNE has grown from one channel in the UK launched 17 years ago to 13 channels in the region. With new headquarters in London, DNE has local offices throughout Europe, including Germany, Italy, France, the
Netherlands, Poland and Denmark.

DNE has recently moved into new European headquarters in London, UK. The 100,000 square-foot centre includes one of Europe's most extensive media transmission centres, which broadcasts 51 unique distribution feeds to 105 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, using the latest tapeless technology.

The Transmission Centre, which delivers 31 million minutes of programming per year to almost 200 million cumulative viewers, was also designed to accommodate emerging multi-media formats including high-definition television (HDTV), 3G and other mobile broadband content delivery technologies.

The Situation:
Having moved into the new state-of-the-art premises in West London, the company was keen to implement an adequate security solution. Whilst it needed to protect its hightech multi-media and digital equipment, it also required a system that was simple to manage and would easily enable future proof investment protection for seamless technology upgrades. The system would also need to provide for the building's unusual entrance which featured three bi-directional speed gates and one sliding entrance gate. The speed gates are especially designed for buildings with a high flowcapacity, providing adequate security whilst, at the same time, enabling visitors to be identified in an easy and quick manner, allowing access into or out of the building. The sliding entrance gate is for disabled or goods access and features remote operation and Light Emitting Diode (LED) display for status indicator change-over.

The new building also brings together the broadcasting and administration departments of DNE under one roof for the first time with the intention that both these departments would grow over time. The system therefore needed to be designed on the basis that it could easily be upgraded.

“We recommended Honeywell WINPAK as we knew it would meet and exceed the current and the
future needs of Discovery Networks Europe.”
Paul Morris, Managing Director, WOT Security

The Solution:
WOT Security Group was one of a number of installers invited to submit proposals for a suitable solution. Their first step was to undertake a complete assessment of DNE's requirements, reviewing the site itself and understanding how the company's requirements could be expected to change over time as it continued to grow.

WOT Security concluded that the best solution was WIN-PAK™ access control from Honeywell Security, a networked security solution that would enable users to monitor events and alarms from central or remote locations. The software also lets administrators automate functions, such as creating customized alarm reports, and photo I.D. badging.

Paul Morris, WOT's Managing Director, comments "Rather than adopt a 'one size fits all' approach we like to take the time to understand our clients' needs and recommend the solution that best meets those needs. In this case we recommended Honeywell WIN-PAK as we knew it would meet and exceed the current and the future needs of Discovery Networks Europe".

The Implementation:
WOT Security undertook the implementation and commissioning of the solution including the installation of Honeywell PW5000 Controllers, card readers at all 37 doors and the administration of employee and visitor badges. WOT installed motor-less read and retain readers on the speed gates which resolved the issue of the loss of visitor access cards where visitors failed to return them on completion of their visit. On entry into the building visitors are issued with a card which allows restricted access around the building however, exit is only possible via the speed gates where the readers are able to distinguish between an employee or a visitor access card and automatically retain the latter.

The Benefits

Using the WIN-PAK access control solution from Honeywell, Discovery Networks Europe now has a state-of-the-art security solution to ensure the safety of staff and equipment, while allowing a user-friendly and convenient access control system to manage the movements of staff and visitors at the premises. Other capabilities and benefits include the ability to track the movements of building occupants and the integration of control and security systems for greater speed and efficiency. As a networked solution the system is also able to manage remote sites with employees able to use one card to gain access to multiple sites. Finally, the system has been designed to be future-proof - WOT have created a network backbone with distributed installation points around the building. This means that as the system expands the cost of installing an additional point and running a cable to the nearest control panel will be minimal whilst causing little disruption to the client. Paul Morris continues "Vital to the success of the project was our commitment to providing a complete solution, starting with scoping and deployment and ending with a fully functioning solution and staff trained and confident in using the solution. We knew that, by implementing Win-Pak, we would be providing a stable, flexible and expandable solution". Comments Steve Kendal, DNE's Security Manager "From a management perspective we are easily able to identify and control who enters and exits the facility and respond proactively to alarms and events. We are particularly pleased that the system allows employees traveling between company sites to access sites other than the one at which they are based".

Alex Wilkins, Office Services Manager, Discovery Networks Europe adds: "The WIN-PAK system installed at Discovery's new European headquarters by WOT Security Group not only provides an adequate security infrastructure for our current needs but also respects the growing nature of our business, allowing for future upgrades and new developments. In addition, its extension to our local European offices reflects the truly multi-cultural scope of Discovery Networks Europe."

“The WIN-PAK system not only provides an adequate security infrastructure for our current needs but also respects the growing nature of our business, allowing for future upgrades and new developments”.
Alex Wilkins, Office Services Manager, Discovery Networks Europe

Discovery Networks Europe Case Study (PDF 341k)