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United Business Media Enhances Video Surveillance

The Client
United Business Media Limited is a leading global business media company employing over 6,000 staff in thirty countries. The company is best known in the security industry for running IFSEC, one of the largest security tradeshows in the world. Amongst its other UK brands is leading online news portal – The corporate head office is based in Central London, at Ludgate House. UBM has a wide portfolio of other exhibitions and media brands serving a broad range of industries and markets globally.

The Situation
Honeywell Security Group has a long association with UBM and, in collaboration with Minerva Integrated Security Services, has helped make Ludgate House safer and more secure for its people and assets.

In 2006 Honeywell’s WIN-PAK® Pro access control system was installed at Ludgate House and delivered a significant improvement from the previous legacy system. This included several N1000 access panels which controlled over 120 OmniClass™ door readers throughout the 10 storey building. The client also benefited from a slave badging station and printer enabling the security team to create access smart cards for each of the 2,000 employees and the numerous visitors to the building. In 2008 Minerva installed the Honeywell Galaxy® Dimension Intruder Alarm System and Fusion Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) at Ludgate House as well as at two remote sites, enabling security staff at Ludgate House to monitor alarms and record remote images by means of the Honeywell Fusion Video Management Software (FVMS).

The seamless addition of the Galaxy and Fusion technology provided a single user interface through WIN-PAK, integrating the access control with video and intrusion and thus creating a more robust platform with increased capability. Functions that have traditionally been tied together through physical relays and input devices are now controlled logically.

A further Fusion DVR has been installed at Ludgate House, facilitating the integration of CCTV cameras with the WIN-PAK software.

This unique level of integration allows video to be linked to both access control and intrusion events and alarms. Video clips can easily be recalled through the software, based on time or event. With integration, UBM has complete camera control, including pan, tilt and zoom, and can verify live users with stored images using the video verification option.

By integrating the Galaxy Dimension intruder alarm panels, WIN-PAK is able to manage multiple Galaxy panels using floor plans and control maps to allow easy monitoring and control of most of the intruder functionality. This level of integration was of key importance to UBM.

The next stage of the long-term project was to address the following security needs:

  • Modernisation of an antiquated CCTV system in Ludgate House main security control room (situated on the ground floor)

  • The need for an advanced state of the art video management solution

  • Central video management across three remote UBM sites

In summary, the security control room at Ludgate House contained a myriad of legacy monitors (11 in all), CCTV multiplexers, matrices, cables and hard drives. This archaic set up was a convoluted and complex mix of out of date display equipment which resulted in excessive use of physical energy and electricity, and a potentially unsafe working environment for the security team.

With such old equipment came a more demanding maintenance schedule, greater compatibility issues and other problems for the user which ultimately resulted in higher monthly overhead costs for the client. From a security stand point, a large multi-tenanted building like Ludgate House lacked the agility and responsiveness that a modern digital video management system can provide, consequently increasing the overall risk level for the building.

UBM also coveted the ability to monitor and control the video and intrusion systems from three of its other sites around the UK (two in the North West, one in the South East). The existing system was not capable. The case for a cost effective upgrade grew.

The Solution
Paul Gosnell, Head of Security at Ludgate House worked closely with John Moran, the Managing Director at Minerva Integrated Security Services and a member of the Honeywell Systems Integrator programme.

“With such an old video system, the new technology must compliment and be interoperable with the existing access, intrusion and DVR equipment to enhance the overall operation,” commented Paul Gosnell.

John Moran has a lot of experience in working with Honeywell and following a tight brief sourced the right solution. Of particular importance was for the video management system (VMS) to work with existing third party PTZ domes and CCTV cameras situated inside and outside the building. These cameras comprise a mixture of analogue and IP devices.

“Given the existing Honeywell equipment on site and the need for seamless integration and interoperability, I was very comfortable in recommending MAXPRO® VMS as the solution to meet the client’s requirements,” explained John Moran.

Honeywell’s MAXPRO VMS controls multiple sources of video subsystems in a facility to collect, manage and present video in a clear and concise manner. MAXPRO VMS intelligently determines the capabilities of each subsystem across various sites, allowing video management of any analogue or digital video device through a unified configuration and viewer.

In December 2010, Minerva installed the MAXPRO VMS solution in the security control room, replacing the old equipment with an attractively ergonomic video wall and work station set up. The result is a clean, modern control room that is not only user friendly for the operator, but energy efficient and safety compliant.

"With such an old video system, the new technology must compliment and be interoperable with the existing access, intrusion and DVR equipment to enhance the overall operation"
Paul Gosnell
Head of Security at Ludgate House

The Benefits:
"The new system is more user-friendly and its improved screen layout enables us to quickly and easily track anyone or anything inside or directly outside the building,” added Gosnell.

One of the key things that MAXPRO VMS enables the user to do is to create camera sequences or “salvos” that utilize a number of cameras or PTZ domes to track a typical path throughout the building. This was a key benefit for Gosnell and UBM.

Apart from the obvious benefits of system reliability, scalability and energy efficiency, the client is particularly impressed with the MAXPRO VMS ability to constantly monitor and analyse the ever changing external environment. For example, a railway station entrance and nightclub are being built in very close proximity to Ludgate House increasing the threat risk, thus the need for vigilance and control from Mr Gosnell and his team must match the threat. MAXPRO VMS  helps considerably to mitigate external threats and risks.

MAXPRO VMS is a highly cost effective solution. A key feature is its capability to control a hybrid of analogue and IP cameras and domes. This meant that UBM could make best use of its security budget by not having to replace existing camera technology with more up to date devices.

“From an installation and maintenance perspective, MAXPRO VMS is particularly straightforward to install and operate,” added Moran. “The system does everything we need it to do and more. Once we did the initial operator training at Ludgate House, the operators were very comfortable on the system, and so far it has met all of the client’s requirements.”

"Given the existing Honeywell equipment on site and the need for seamless integration and interoperability, I was very comfortable in recommending MAXPRO® VMS as the solution to meet the client’s requirements"
John Moran
Managing Director at Minerva Integrated Security Services

Partner of Choice
Minerva Integrated Security Services
is the collaboration of a group of experienced security professionals who had a vision of building an independent security company providing the highest quality, and most cost effective security systems for commercial premises across the UK and Europe. By embracing modern technology it has become an innovative, customer focused company delivering products and services that meet with its customers’ requirements, whilst ensuring maximum economic value. With extensive experience across the Honeywell Security product portfolio, it was natural that Minerva would select Honeywell as its partner of choice. For more information please visit


  • Fusion Digital Video Recorder
  • WIN-PAK® Professional Edition
  • Galaxy® Dimension Intruder System
  • N1000 Access Control Panel
  • OmniClassTM Door readers
  United Business Media Enhances Video Surveillance through Honeywell’s Energy Efficient MAXPRO® VMS Solution (pdf)