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Fully Programmable Keyboard Controller with Touch Screen LCD


Fully Programmable Keyboard Controller with Touch Screen LCD

The ULTRAKey™ represents an entirely new approach to intelligent, user-friendlycontrol of CCTV management systems.

Designed to take full advantage of the powerful features of Honeywell Video Systems MAX-1000® video management system, MXSYSO4E Ethernet system controller and KSX32080 small system CCTV matrix switcher, the ULTRAKey incorporates a large back-lit touch-screen LCD. The LCD may be configured with hundreds of menus, up to 8,000 buttons and 999 keycodes. Menus are accessed dynamically based on either hard-key or soft-key selection.

This unique method of operation ensures that any menu may be accessed quickly and intuitively, with minimal keystrokes. The result is unparalleled control and ease-of-use for operators, thus, significantly reducing training requirements, and vastly improving operator efficiency and response times. Utilizing multiple control interface options RS-232, RS-485 and TCP/IP, selection and control of any function within the CCTV management system is available directly from the ULTRAKey controller.

Dedicated hard keys are provided for common selections including: alternate camera selection, PTZ call, sequence selection, tours, multiplexer selection and control, recorder selection, function, review, print, dub, alarm acknowledge, VCR and DVR control functions. Selecting any of these keys will execute a function or dynamically select a menu on the LCD touch-screen.

Two jog/shuttle controls are provided. The uppermost jog shuttle may be used for control of recording devices or other peripheral equipment, while the centrally mounted jog shuttle may be used for stepping through camera lists.

The rate-proportional joystick allows control of any variable speed pan/tilt/zoom mechanism. The joystick is centrally located on the keyboard, suiting right- or left-handed operators, and incorporates integral zoom controller. The ULTRAKey also incorporates a soft, rubber wrist rest that significantly reduces operator fatigue.



  • Fully programmable with customizedmenus
  • Integral back-lit LCD touch screen
  • Complete MAX-1000 compatibility
  • Ergonomic design with padded wrist rest
  • Variable-speed joystick with integralzoom control
  • Multiple interface options (RS-232, RS-485 and TCP/IP)
  • Two jog/shuttle controls
  • Dedicated keys for commonly used functions
  • Dynamic menu selection
  • All programming stored in flash RAM

Product Documentation

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Data Sheets
ULTRAKey Data Sheet 101.61 KB 14/08/07
ULTRAKey Installation Drawing 77.95 KB
ULTRAKey User Manual 929.54 KB 15/10/04
Product Drawings
HEGSA002 ANSI A Portrait 60.01 KB 28/01/08
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ULTRAKey Fully Programmable Keyboard Controller with Touch Screen LCD

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