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System Controller


Standalone joystick for Ultrak Domes, KX1610CN multiplexer & Ultrak VCR; also controller for KSX32080 matrix switch.

Includes RE-RTD12/5RT power supply. The KEGS5000X system controller is a cost-effective desktop keyboard for integrated control of Ultrak multiplexers, VCRs and domes, including the KD6 and KD6Z series and KSX32080 matrix switcher. The controller has two communication ports. A RS-485 port provides control of up to 32 domes. With the addition of an RS-485 distribution unit, a total of 256 domes can be controlled. The RS-232 port connects directly to two KX1610CN multiplexers and four Ultrak VCRs. With the addition of an RS-232 distribution unit, a total of 16 multiplexers and 16 VCRs can be controlled. All functions available from the front panel of the multiplexer and VCR are accessible remotely. In addition, ten macros can be defined and recalled using soft keys, and the name of the macro can be edited. The controller also offers programmable alternate camera view, associated pan/tilt/zoom call function and logical camera selection with the KSX32080 matrix switcher. The controller can be operated in two different modes, one that allows the cameras to be selected by multiplexer number (one to 16) and camera number (one to 16) or another that allows cameras to be selected directly by camera number only, ranging from one to 256. The operator can toggle between these two modes.


  • Integrated control of multiplexers, VCRs and domes
  • Control of 32 (up to 256) Ultrak domes
  • Full control of all features and menus of the Ultrak range of domes
  • 3 axis rate proportional joystick with integral zoom control
  • Full control of Ultrak KSX32080 matrix switcher
  • Icons for universal intuitive operation
  • LCD display
  • User-programmable macros
  • Software updates are done directly through the serial port
  • Alternate camera view
  • Associated pan/tilt/zoom call
  • Logical camera selection with matrix switcher

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
KEGS5000 User Manual 1.95 MB 21/04/05
Other Resources
KEGS5000 / HEGS5000 Configuring for Master or Slave 16.24 KB 21/04/05
A&E Specs
KEGS5000 Downloading Firmware 87.58 KB 21/04/05
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