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H3S, H4S Housing Mounts

H3S, H4S Housing Mounts
Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Minidome Mounts


These equIP Series S H3S and H4S housing mounts (plus HSWK-PM and H34S-IC) can be used to install Honeywell’s equIP Series S H3D (indoor) and H4D (outdoor) fixed minidome IP cameras to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. The H3S mounts are for indoor applications; the H34S and H4S mounts are for both indoor and outdoor applications. These mounts provide a wide range of mounting options to walls, ceilings, and poles.

The simple, solid design of these mounts is an installer’s first choice for ease of installation. Both the wall and pendant mounts provide easy cable routing with no exposed wiring, and the camera and lens can be installed, adjusted, and tested without repositioning the housing. The pole mount allows you to mount your indoor or outdoor minidome camera to a pole. The in-ceiling mount allows you to install your indoor or outdoor minidome camera to a false or suspended ceiling.

These mounts feature die-cast aluminum or galvanized steel construction (except for the plastic exposed ceiling plate on the H34S-IC and the plastic integral sunshield on the H4SIP-PK and H4SIP-WK). The aluminum mounts have an off-white powder coating that matches the cameras’ finish. Depending on the camera model, these mounts are designed for either outdoor or indoor applications. All are designed to perfectly complement the fixed minidome cameras, making them the obvious choice for architecturally sensitive installations.

Market Opportunities
These Honeywell equIP Series S H3S and H4S mounts (plus HSWK-PM and H34S-IC) provide performance and strength you can depend on. Their attractive design, impactresistant construction, and range of mounting options make these mounts the best solution for all your indoor and outdoor applications.



Camera Series

Low profile, contemporary design X   X X
Economically priced X X X X
Cable feed through for ease of installation and camera setup X X X X
Die cast aluminum construction X   X  
Polycarbonate construction
(plastic cover plate on wall mount)
X   X  
Off White powder finish X   X  
Indoor     X X
Indoor/outdoor X X    

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Title   Size Date
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
H3SIP-PK Pendant Mount, Off-White
H3SIP-WK Wall Mount, Off White
H4SIP-PK Pendant Mount, Off White
H4SIP-WK Wall Mount, Off White
HSWK-PM Pole Mount, Off White
H34S-IC In-ceiling Mount, Off White

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