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HVE1/4/8 Encoder

HVE1/4/8 Encoder
1-Channel/4-Channel/8-Channel Video/Audio Encoders


Honeywell’s HVE Series of Video encoders utilize the latest processors and encoding technology to convert analog camera signals into IP streams. These IP streams can be recorded and viewed on Honeywell’s MAXPRO® Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and other recording devices that support ONVIF®.

Available in one, four and eight-channel models, these encoders feature a wide range of video compressions, including H.264, which reduces bandwidth and storage over previous compressions. Encode up to 30 fps on every channel at full resolution (4CIF), with the capability of dual streaming.

Each model has a corresponding number of audio channels for recording capability plus a single Audio Out to perform bidirectional audio communication. Control PTZ cameras through the RS-485 port; PTZ control supports numerous 3rd party PTZ protocols. Alarm inputs and relay outputs are available to trigger events on the NVR and to control external devices. These alarms and events can be reported to the NVR, and can also be sent either by email or by FTP upload directly from the encoder along with a captured JPEG image.

The HVE Series encoders support local storage. The one-channel and four-channel models support a microSD card; the eight-channel model can accommodate a SATA hard drive up to 4 TB. Local storage allows for storing of alarm-triggered recording, continuous, and scheduled recording.

Video playback is easily achieved through the embedded intuitive web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari) that supports HTTPS to ensure high security. Connection via the web browser allows you to check live video or review recorded video from a remote location.

Market Opportunities
Encoders are a simple and cost-saving way to upgrade existing analog systems to include High Definition IP cameras and MAXPRO NVRs. By converting analog signals to digital, these encoders allow you to keep your original analog cameras. Installation costs can be further reduced by installing the encoder remotely from the NVR. Then only a network cable is required to bring video and events to the NVR.


  • H.264/MPEG4/MPEG2/ MJPEG encoding
  • Dual streaming
  • 12 V DC or Power over Ethernet (HVE1X and HVE4X)
  • Local storage microSD (HVE1X and HVE4X) and Hard Drive (HVE8X)
  • Embedded motion detection
  • Embedded privacy zone
  • Customizable text overlay
  • Alarm input and relay output
  • Transparent RS-232 port
  • RS-485 PTZ control, multiple protocols
  • Audio input + two-way audio support
  • Exception and system logging
  • Local user management
  • Embedded web browser, supporting IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
Data sheet - HVE1/4/8 Encoder 237.88 KB 28/02/14
HVE1/4/8 Audio Video Encoder Getting Started Guide 678.39 KB 06/12/13
HVE1/4/8 Audio- Video Encoder User Guide 2.55 MB 06/12/13
A&E Specs
HVE1 Encoder A&E Specs 39.46 KB 24/03/14
HVE4 Encoder A&E Specs 38.09 KB 24/03/14
HVE8 Encoder A&E Specs 35.18 KB 24/03/14
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
HVE1X 1-Channel, Audio/Video Encoder, PAL
HVE4X 4-Channel, Audio/Video Encoder, PAL
HVE8X 8-Channel, Audio/Video Encoder, PAL
HVETRAY Rack tray for HVE1/4 supports 3 per tray

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