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HRSD8/16-D Series
8 and 16 Channel Embedded Digital Video Recorder


The HRSD Series digital video recorder (DVR) combines the benefits of digital recording with the advanced processing of a multiplexer. The HRSD DVRs feature Honeywell’s sophisticated, proprietary XtraStor compression technology that provides more storage on smaller media without sacrificing image quality – resulting in days, weeks and even months of high-resolution video storage.

Recording at a rate of up to 100 ips PAL, HRSD supports configurable ips per camera and other high-end recording capabilities to efficiently capture and provide long-term storage of video, text, and audio. Multiple search engines enable the user to quickly find the evidence detail. Transfer of video evidence is fast and easy using the clip-copy function which allows video, audio, and text evidence to be burned onto a USB stick via the front panel USB port or CD/DVD-R using the internal DVD-RW. A viewer executable is included with each clip, which eliminates the need to install a viewer separately to the evidence viewing PC. This maximises ease-ofuse for anyone who needs to view the evidence after the occurrence of a fraudulent event.

The same powerful Remote Administration System Plus (RASplus) software used for HRXD is also used by HRSD. The RASplus advanced feature set includes simultaneous connection of up to 16 sites over a digital network. Users can configure and download software updates to remote DVRs from a central site, saving time and money by eliminating the need for many site visits.

Market Opportunities
When combined with an external interface/filter device such as SmartPIT®, the HRSD Series becomes a desirable solution for many retail or financial surveillance applications by providing an interface to POS and ATM systems.

For surveillance systems integrating multiple devices that need to share a single time reference, SNTP allows the HRSD’s time clock to be synchronised to an external time reference.


  • 8 or 16 looping video inputs
  • Continues recording while transmitting to remote site and during playback
  • Built-in DVD-RW drive and 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • WebGuard - remote access via web browser (only available with model HRSD8DX and HRSD16DX DVRs)
  • Mouse (not included) interface via USB port
  • Time synchronisation between DVR and time server or other DVR
  • PTZ dome control for a wide variety of protocols
  • Remote access through PSTN, LAN/WAN (internal NIC) and DSL (remote access software included)
  • Multiple search engines (date/time, calendar, event, text-in)
  • Multiple recording modes (time-lapse, pre-event, alarm, motion, text and panic)
  • Linux OS — OS embedded in flash

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
HRSD8/16-D Series Data Sheet 289.22 KB 23/02/10
HRSD8, HRSD16 User Guide (EN) 1.97 MB 01/12/08
RASplus (Remote Administration System) User Guide 1.2 MB 22/04/10
A&E Specs
HRSD8-16 A&E Specs 109 KB 05/02/08
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