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The Viewguard PIR’s are motion sensors using passive infrared technology. To ensure optimum detection, sensors are equipped with high-quality mirror optics. Standard equipment includes a mirror area for optics. If required, the sensors can be retro-fitted to long-range or curtain optics with accessories that are available separately.

The Viewguard sensors are suitable for intruder alarm panels with conventional technology and are available with or without Anti-Mask function (monitoring against covering).

ViewGuard DUAL - Anti-Masking Dual technology Motion Sensor

Viewguard DUAL AM - Dual technology Motion Sensor

ViewGuard PIR - Mirror optic PIR motion sensor

Viewguard PIR AM - Mirror optic PIR motion sensor with anti-masking

Adjustable joint - Adjustable joint for ViewGuard series

Ball-and-socket set - Ball-and-socket set for ViewGuard series

Curtain mirror - Curtain mirror for ViewGuard PIR series

Long range mirror - Long range mirror for ViewGuard PIR series

Seal - Seal for ViewGuard series

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