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Intrusion is not the only risk faced by homeowners and business managers. Fire is a leading cause of accidental death with 70% of fire related fatalities occurring at night. By installing smoke sensors that are managed around the clock through the intruder alarm system, tragedies could be halved - a fact which is proven in countries where 80% of homes are equipped with smoke sensors.

DF8M - Wireless Smoke sensor with built-in sounder

ECO1000BREL12L - Sensor base with latching relay output (12 VDC)

ECO1000BREL12N - Sensor base with nonlatching relay output (12 VDC)

ECO1002-A - Combination Optical / Thermal Smoke Sensor (58 °C)

ECO1003-A - Optical Smoke Sensor

ECO1005-A - Combination Rate-of-Rise / Thermal (58 °C) Smoke Sensor

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