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Shock Sensors

Honeywell offers an extensive range of shock sensors tailored to the needs of both the installer and the end user. When it comes to perimeter protection our VIPER products are a household name accepted by all as the market leader, with over two million units installed worldwide.

SC100 - Seismic sensor for vaults, ATMs, safes & night deposit safes

SC105 - Seismic sensor for mini-ATMs, vending and ticket machines

SC110 - Mounting plate for SC100 & SC105

SC111 - Movable mounting kit for SC100, SC105 & SC115

SC112 - Keyhole protection kit for SC100 & SC105

SC113 - Internal test transmitter for SC100 & SC105

SC114 - 1.80m armed cable kit (8 wires) for SC100, SC105 & SC115

SC115 - External test transmitter

SC116 - Mounting box to allow recess mounting of SC100 & SC115 in wall

SC117 - Mounting box to allow recess installation of SC100 & SC115 in floor

SC118 - 4mm Spacer for SC112

VIPER-GLX - ASIC controlled Shock Sensor

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