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DUAL TEC® PIR / Microwave

Dual Technology devices usually encompass PIR and Microwave, when combined, these sensors provide an excellent detection rate and high immunity to false alarms and reduced call out costs.

DT7360-UK - Ceiling mount DUAL TEC® motion sensor

DT7450-EOL - DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor

DT8016AF5 - DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor with mirror optics and Anti-Masking

DT8016MF5 - DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor with mirror optics

DT8016F5 - DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor

DT8012F5 - DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor with Pet-Immunity

DT7550UK2 - Dual Technology Sensor with Maskalert™

DT8M - Wireless DUAL TEC® motion sensor with optional pet tolerance

DT900AM-UK - Dual Technology Sensor

DT906AM-UK - Dual Technology Sensor

SMB Accessories - SMB10/SMB10C & SMB10T brackets

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