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Total Connect 2.0E web app
With Honeywell Cloud Services and the Total Connect 2.0E web app, Total Connect Box, Sucre Box and Domonial offer the home owner the possibility to remotely control his security system using his smartphone, tablet or computer.


Total Connect 2.0E offers complete control to the home owner, bringing the whole family peace of mind. Part of the Honeywell Cloud Services, Total Connect 2.0E is a web application meaning its accessible on computer, smartphone or tablet with the same easy-to-use interface and with no need to install and update an App. Total Connect 2.0E offers the home owner basic functions like arming and disarming his alarm system remotely, another key feature is the availability of colour images from his home thanks to our new PIR sensors with built-in cameras.


Web App for Sucre Box, Total Connect Box and Domonial panels:

- Allows turning alarm on and off remotely with status

- Remote managing Smartplugs installation and displays consumption.

- Displays stored images

- Allows requesting additional live images

- Displays and the temperature of the room where the PIRs are installed

- Log events of the system

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Sales Brochure 963.88 KB 31/12/15
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Total Connect 2.0E accounts come with Sucre GPRS or Domonial panels. Please contact your distributor.

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