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LobbyWorks™ Kiosk

LobbyWorks™ Kiosk
Floor Standing Kiosk For Managing Visitors


LobbyWorks™ Kiosk is a stylish and robust self-registration station that supports receptionists or security guards when signing visitors in or out of premises. It forms part of the total Honeywell LobbyWorks Visitor Management Solution.

The integrated web cam and business card scanner helps the visitor to sign in easily and quickly whilst the integrated touch screen guides the visitor to the right host or meeting. A printer at the reception desk can automatically print a personalised visitor badge containing a picture, a barcode and other relevant information.

LobbyWorks’ streamlined registration process can notify the host the visitor has arrived, confirm the visitor is expected, as well as ensure that the arriving visitor is not on a list of barred visitors or companies. LobbyWorks can also efficiently manage the signing-out procedure of a visitor. By simply presenting the personalised visitor badge to the kiosk, the visitor is instantly signed out from the building. The bar code scanner can be used for the signing in and out of regular visitors, contractors or sponsors.

LobbyWorks’ power and flexibility means the registration process can be tailor-made to specific needs. For multi national enterprises, the kiosk is available with a multi-lingual interface to accommodate international visitors and the kiosk also displays any mandatory regulation statements and guides the visitor via a health and safety acceptance before signing in.

LobbyWorks Kiosk can enhance any building entrance and help ensure that only the right visitors are allowed into your facility, improve reception area productivity and service to your visitors as well as enhance your company image.

The new LobbyWorks Kiosk has been improved with a variety of features to make it more in line with current needs due to newer technology.

  • Kiosk PC – Based on an AMD SoC with integrated HD graphics for reduced power consumption.
  • Kiosk Webcam – Integrated fixed HD camera for improved image quality.
  • Kiosk Touchscreen – Updated ELO touchscreen, LED backlit LCD technology uses less power, is brighter and offers a multi-point capacitive touch screen technology similar to modern smart phones and tablets.
  • Kiosk Barcode scanner – New scanner allows for traditional 1D barcodes as well as 2D like mobile phone scanning.


  • 19" ELO LCD screen
  • Anti-vandal Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screen
  • Robust mild steel kiosk body, powder coated silver
  • Front laminate customised with your own company graphics
  • Customisable screen background
  • Scanning of visitor’s business card
  • Visitor photo capture for new visitors
  • Automatic identification of returning visitors
  • Automatic screening for visitors on a watch list
  • Instant remote approval from a security guard or the hosting employee to complete registration
  • Automatic employee notification at their office phone or mobile when their visitor arrives
  • Display non-disclosure agreements or visitation rules and capture a visitor’s confirmation
  • Display safety and promotional videos
  • Restriction of kiosk registration to only expected visitors
  • Provides visitors with site information such as: directions to airport, hotels and restaurants in the area, company promotional messaging, etc.
  • Multiple language selection ideal for multi-national enterprises expecting international guests.

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
LobbyWorks Kiosk Data Sheet 194.14 KB 10/04/17
LobbyWorks Visitor Management Brochure 231.37 KB 10/06/06
Data Protection - LobbyWorks Advert 442.29 KB 26/06/07
Ordering Information

Part Numbers Description
LWVMSPTKIOSK Lobbyworks kiosk with PC, integrated 19" touchscreen, speakers, web cam, business card scanner and barcode scanner. Standard color silver. Customised layout.
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