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WIN-PAK® 4.5 for Access (XE)
WIN-PAK® 4.5 for Access (XE) is an entry-level software package for access control only to manage NetAXS and NS2/NS2P controllers from a single workstation. WIN-PAK XE is ideal for single workstation systems that require access only functionality.

WIN-PAK® 4.5 for Integration (SE) / Ultimate (PE)
WIN-PAK® 4.5 for Integration (SE) / Ultimate (PE) with Galaxy integration brings together Honeywell’s WIN-PAK access control system, Galaxy intrusion control panels, Fusion and HRDP ‘Performance Series’ DVRs. The ability to integrate these technologies from one manufacturer now makes it easier for major enhancements to be made to existing systems or to significantly improve the operation of new security systems.

WIN-PAK PE API is an Application Programming Interface that allows integration with third party host systems, making it an even more attractive platform for integration. The API provides the interface between access control elements of WIN-PAK SE 4.0 / PE 4.0 and third party systems such as Human Resources or software monitoring platforms.

As a part of the WIN-PAK® software controlled hardware family the PRO3200 professional modular access control hardware is an advanced access control panel capable of providing solutions where installation space is at a premium.

Temaline Voyager
Temaline re-defines the concept of access control sub-systems for the future by bringing performance and reliability to installations. Temaline establishes a new benchmark in providing secure solutions to protect people, property and assets. The complete modularity of the system frees the peripheral and field devices from reliance on the central supervisory system for all access control functionality and relieves the supervisory system of card transaction processing.

PRO3200 - Professional Modular Access Control Hardware

WIN-PAK® 4.5 for Access (XE) - Entry-Level Access Control Software

WIN-PAK® 4.5 for Integration (SE) / Ultimate (PE) - Integrated Security Software Solution.

WIN-PAK® PE API - WIN-PAK PE Application Programming Interface

WIN-PAK® 4.5 for Galaxy - Galaxy User Management Software

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