Door/Window Position Sensor: Surface Mount

Description and Purpose

The Door/Window Position Sensor is a frame-mounted sensor that detects the open or closed position of a door or window.  When the door or window is open, the sensor sends status data to the control panel indicating the open position. Likewise, when the door or window is closed, the sensor sends data to the control panel indicating the closed position.

The door/window sensor can be used in Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Remote Control, Annunciation systems, and in Energy Management applications.

Reasons to Choose this Sensor

The door/window sensor provides some important advantages. The detector reduces installation labor by its special design. By including an addressable zone expansion device right inside, using this sensor dramatically reduces the overall cost of the entire system.

Cabling requirements are minimized because the sensor cable need not be individually routed to the control panel. The sensor cable is an addressable bus that allows connection to many devices before cabling and connecting to the control panel for processing.

The sensor is sealed with epoxy within its case to overcome issues related to temperature changes and shock disturbances.

The sensor is protected against transients, helping the sensor to overcome voltage spikes caused by lightning or misconnections.

It saves costs by saving current, and minimizes the need for additional power supplies because of its low current requirements.

Figure 1: Routing the
V-Plex™ Bus to the Door/Window Position Sensor

Connections and Considerations

The table below refers to the drawing in Figure 1. If you are using this document on line, click the model number in the table below to see more information.


Model No.


Mounting Options




Contact: Surface Mount

Exposed on Door or window Frame

1.25” gap



V-Plex™ Data Bus


Connects to addressable devices, zone input devices and relay modules.



2-wire, 18 AWG, Fire rated, Non-shielded

Use Genesis 1118 for Non-Fire Applications

This part number is an example. See your building and electrical codes for actual jacketing requirements.

Design Considerations

Locate the sensor on the door or window frame inside of the protected area. Locate the magnet so that it is on the door or window, adjacent to the sensor when the door or window is closed and secured. For best results, locate the sensor on door or window frames so that the sensor’s adjacent magnet is within 1.25” of the sensor.

Route the specified cable from the control panel location, or from the nearest V-Plex device to the sensor. If more detection devices are needed, continue routing the V-Plex bus on to other device locations.