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Switching to Enhanced Security

Deutsche Bahn AGChanging for Integration
An Integrated Security System Manages Access and Key Administration

The Client
Deutsche Bahn AG is a modern diversified services company providing complete mobility and logistics solutions. Its subsidiary, DB Services Technische Dienste, provides system services for the management of operations and office buildings, plus industrial and transport facilities, to internal and external clients, and is ISO and VdS* certified for such services.

* VdS Schadenverhütung (loss prevention) is the independent, international, accredited and notified testing and certification institution for fire prevention and safety technology.

The Task
Deutsche Bahn has unique requirements as it operates more than 5,000 railway stations, numerous technical facilities, and buildings with more than 20,000 employees. Comprehensive administration of countless locks and keys for manifold areas and security zones is the major focus.

The Solution
Honeywell Security implemented in close cooperation with the project management of its partner Security Technology and the business area Communications Technology of DB Services Technische Dienste GmbH an integrated security system comprising mechanical and electronic components. The functional integration of the intruder alarm system and the access control system in conjunction with mechanical locking system provides the basis for the solution. Shared usage of existing infrastructures and practical handling and administration of systems is the fundamental feature of this solution. Internal corporate security guidelines as well as heterogeneous legacy of security products and technologies from an array of vendors posed an additional challenge.

By combining the programming software WINFEM, the IQ MultiAccess access control system, and the WINMAG hazard management solution, extra synergies were gained. The heart of the solution is the Ethernet-enabled intruder alarm system MB100 with IP connection delivering central administration of keys and zones. By adding additional access control components, e.g. electromechanical locks, it functions furthermore as the access control system. Such components are connected via WINMAG Intruder A IQ MultiAccess larm System MB100 the infrastructure of the intruder alarm system. The simultaneous operation as the access control unit and the intruder alarm panel does not limit the intruder alarm functionality. The configuration of the entire system is done via PC-based programming tools. The integration of the WINMAG hazard management system provides central reception and processing of fault and alarm signals. Additionally, WINMAG automatically monitors the individual facilities and the active transmission paths. Locks, exclusively certified for the Deutsche Bahn and configured by its own locks workshop, are providing the necessary security for the individual buildings.

Christian Andres, Product Management Security Technology, Gerhard Pentz, Head of Sales, and Axel Küppenbender, Head of Product Management of DB Kommunikationstechnik (from left to right)

The Benefits
The requirement to implement a facility-spanning, central, and non-reactive administration of an IAP-based access control system using “traditional” access control technology was successfully met. Using effective software applications provides a uniform interface to consistent management of the intruder alarm system and the access control system. All application-related access control function parameters (like card data, time and access zones setups, etc), the access control panel and/or the intruder alarm system itself can be initialized and altered locally via remote access, like ISDN or IP-based networks, using PC-based tools. Relevant authorizations, such as which key may be used where, when, and by whom, can be preset any time using the PC-based software.

As a VdS-certified system it uses a key with ID data carrier as the personalized component. Consequently, the issue of key administration in a cross-system security concept is perfectly addressed.

The Products:

  • IQ MultiAccess
  • Intruder Alarm System MB100
  Access Control and Building Security at Deutsche Bahn AG (pdf)