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Daylight Saving Time Reminder

Daylight Savings Time Reminder
The U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 extends Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the U.S. by approximately four weeks. As a result, DST will start on the 2nd Sunday in March, and end on the 1st Sunday in November.

VISTA, Lynx, and First Alert Professional series products have an integral clock with an optional daylight savings adjustment. Existing installations are set to the previous Daylight Savings dates by default (i.e. 4/1/07 to 10/28/2007.) Honeywell is in the process of updating defaults on all new products to reflect the new DST start and end dates; this update process will occur throughout the year. In the meantime, program all new installations to reflect the new DST start and end times (this can be done through Compass or keypad programming).

Adjusting Daylight Savings Time Setting on Vista and Lynx Control Panel Variants
The installer can reprogram the DST start and end dates either through keypad programming or via the Compass downloader. The associated programming field(s) for each panel family are listed here, but please refer to the panel's Installation & Setup Guide for details.

  • For Lynx and ReadyGuard series systems, the DST start and end dates are in Fields *29 (start month 3, end month #11); and *30 (starting weekend 2, ending weekend 1).
  • For residential panels (e.g. Vista 10P, 15P, 20P, FA130CP, FA148CP, FA168CPS and variants), the DST start and end dates are in Fields *77 (start month 3, end month #11) and *78 (start weekend 2, end weekend 1).
  • For commercial panels (e.g., Vista 32FB, 40/50P, 100, 128BP/250BP, 128FBP/250FBP, 4140XMPT, FA1600C, FA1660C, FA1700C and variants), the DST start and end dates are in field 2*01 (start month 03, end month 11) and 2*02 (start weekend 2, end weekend 1).

End User System Clock Reset
If desired, the end user can reset the system clock as per the User Guide instructions.

Important! Graphic keypads (e.g., Symphony, 6270) used with commercial control panels­ (e.g., Vista-128BP and FBP) do not get the time from the panel, and therefore must be reset manually. Customers should uncheck the DST option box in the graphic keypad. Otherwise, the time will automatically change on the incorrect weekend. It is NOT necessary to do this on graphic keypads used with residential systems (e.g., Vista-20P).

For further information or assistance, please contact HSC Technical Support at 1-800-645-7492.