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6220 Series Printer


On-site printing has never been more practical than with Honeywell’s 6220 Series of security system printers. A perfect complement to your fire, burglary or access control systems, these feature-rich printers are compact, simple to operate and cost-effective.

The quick-install 6220 Series contains small footprints for easy placement on any surface. A hand wall mount bracket is supplied for convenient mounting.


  • Burglary, fire and access control
  • Portable for keeping service/inspection records
  • Printing of programming/setup
  • Event logging
  • Permanent audit trail/records
  • System test and inspection
  • Service and diagnostics
  • Sales demos
  • Works with any product with a R232 or parallel port
  • Medical
  • Refrigeration
  • Inventory control
  • QA test results
  • Automotive diagnostic results
  • Hard copy credit card verification
  • Remote message printer

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6220S Serial Printer
6220BB Battery Backup
6220RPR Ribbon Paper Refill Pak (2 ribbons/4 rolls paper)

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