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Designed for quick and easy installation, the OMNI400 is ideal for the home, apartment or office. The fully featured OMNI400 offers many standard features such as 8 fully programmable zones, 15 user codes, built-in telephone line monitor, 128 event log, four totally programmable trigger outputs, up to 10 relays, and much more. For price and performance,  it’s  the best control panel in its class.




  • Unattended downloading
  • 4–8 fully programmable zones
  • 128 event history with time and date stamp
  • Auto arming options based on AC real time clock
  • 15 user codes
  • Built-in telephone line monitor
  • 4 programmable trigger outputs
  • Up to 10 relays
  • 2 fully programmable entry timers
  • SIA false alarm reduction features
  • Bell supervision
  • Temporal bell standard for fire

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