Honeywell Open Technology Alliance


Honeywell Open Technology Alliance

The key to openness is to make sure Honeywell products work with other manufacturers' products, and to make it easier for other manufacturers to integrate to Honeywell products. We're committed more than ever to deliver open and integrated solutions, which is why we have created the Honeywell Open Technology Alliance.

The Honeywell Open Technology Alliance is a group of global security manufacturers that collaborate to increase interoperability between IP and access control systems. The Alliance promotes two initiatives:

  1. Honeywell works with security manufacturers to integrate third-party equipment—such as cameras, access control, streamers, recording devices, and so much more.

  2. Honeywell works to integrate Honeywell equipment into other manufacturers' open video management platforms. Honeywell equipment includes:

    • IP cameras
    • DVRs and NVRs
    • Access control
    • Matrix systems
    • Encoders
    • Much more to come

Because devices will now be more compatible, they'll allow for more choices and flexibility when designing security systems, driving value for end users.