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Why you need a GSM Radio Primary Strategy…Right Now

It’s time to stop thinking of radio as a backup.  With the number of homes and businesses that are cell phone-only, the unreliability of VoIP as an alarm communications method and the demise of POTS, it’s critical to initiate a “GSM radio primary” strategy right now. 

  • 20% of today’s homes are cell phone-only*—and the number nearly doubles when you add in the 18% with VoIP.
  • Phone companies continue to increase their rates—driving more consumers to search for an alternative to POTS
  • VoIP has proven to be an unreliable method of alarm signal transport

By standardizing on GSM radio as the primary path of alarm transmission, you’ll help ensure that alarm signals get through, protect your business, win new customers and stay ahead of the game.  Honeywell’s GSM solutions are the very best defense against today’s communications challenges—giving you full uploading and downloading capability, the ability to increase RMR by offering Total Connect Remote Services and adding two-way voice over GSM.

You can—and should—be offering a radio on each and every job. 

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