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DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor with mirror optics and Anti-Masking


Designed for mid to high-end commercial environments where a Grade 3 system may be required, the new Honeywell DT8016AF5 anti-mask motion sensor delivers reliable protection with improved false alarm immunity through patented solutions. It includes DualCore™ signal processing which is ideal for areas that are difficult to protect with standard products and integrates a total of five patented solutions to improve reliability and installation.

In addition to this, the installer will benefit from the design of the sensor which allows easy access to the connectors with its quick plug-in feature. Furthermore this motion sensor offers integrated EOL resistors and an enhanced walk test feature saving time on installation.

With the DT8016AF5, optimum performance is achieved using X-Band microwave technology and Uniform Sensitivity Optics.


  • Plug-in electronics
  • Integrated End-of-Line (EOL) resistors
  • Flash light Walk Test
  • Mirror optics
  • Highest security approval
  • Infrared anti-mask technology
  • Extensive detection coverage
  • Professional design
  • Patented PIR signal analysis solution
  • Patented look down solution
  • Patented self test solution
  • Patented vibration solution
  • Patented mounting solution

Product Documentation

Title   Size Date
Data Sheets
DT8016AF5 / MF5 Data sheet 282.59 KB 09/10/14
Commercial Hardwired Indoor Motion Detectors - Sales Brochure 553.76 KB 12/09/14
Other Resources
Full range of wired motion sensors - Poster 777.81 KB 09/09/15
Declaration of Conformity 129.99 KB 06/08/14
Ordering Information

Part No. Description
DT8016AF5 16 x 22m DUAL TEC® Motion Sensor with mirror optics and Anti-Masking

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