Remote Control Systems

Description and Purpose

A remote control system is used to remotely switch on an appliance, buzzer, camera, indicator, or to lock or unlock a distant door. You can integrate remote control buttons right into the Intrusion Detection System for labor and cost saving purposes.


Figure 1: Remote Control Configuration

Remote Control is ideal in facilities like banks, kitchen facilities, public processing centers, restrooms, hospitals, and other facilities.

Remote Control can be used in Intrusion Detection, Panic Systems, Access Control and Annunciation systems, and in Energy Management applications.

Consider applying a remote control system to a warehouse facility. Deliveries may arrive at the rear door, while the receptionist is located on the other side of the building. By using a remote control button, the delivery person can sound a buzzer at the reception desk. Likewise, when the receptionist hears the buzzer and sees the image of the delivery person on a monitor, she can press a remote control button to unlock the back door, all while continuing to answer incoming phone calls.

Connections and Considerations

The table below refers to the drawing in Figure 1. If you are using this document on line, click the model number in the table below to see more information.


Model No.


Mounting Options




Adapter: Serial Interface Module

Inside of monitored device.




Relay: Addressable with zone input


I/O Module



Power Supply (DC Voltage indicated)

In enclosure

Selectable 12VDC or 24VDC operation when using XF30 transformer.



V-Plex™ Data Bus


Connects to addressable devices, zone input devices and relay modules.





2-wire, 18AWG, Fire rated, Non-shielded

Use Genesis 1118 for Non-Fire Applications

This part number is an example. See your building and electrical codes for actual jacketing requirements.


Where to use Remote Control Systems
There are many facility types that include Remote Control systems in the building systems. Some examples of these facilities include cash payment centers, banks, retail stores, laboratories, pharmacies, and public processing centers.

Figure 2: Typical Remote Control Application