Separating the System into Partitions

Description and Purpose

Facilities often have different departments, which operate at different working hours. Personnel typically only work in one department, and may not need entry into departments in which they do not work.

Other buildings may house many different tenants, each one unassociated with another.

An integrated intrusion detection system that offers the ability to control separate partitions is like having complete multiple systems in a single control panel. The system can control when each user can disarm selected partitions. This dramatically reduces the installation costs related to securing each of the departments or separate offices.

The maximum number of partitions on the system depends upon the control panel that you choose.


Figure 1: Manipulating door access capabilities

Figure 2: Partitioning A System

Solving Interdepartmental Issues

Some facilities house items or information with varying classifications of secrecy. They may have high-security conference rooms or test laboratories. For facilities like these, partition arming fits right in. Limiting traffic in controlled departments after hours is essential to the reliability of privacy, or to the reliability of long-term tests in the laboratory.

In a facility, a single individual may have different privileges or authority from one department to the next. For example, Bob Smith may be the manager of the Quality Assurance department, but only a customer of the Human Resource Department. The systemís powerful capabilities allow a single individual to have different authority in different departments.

A facilities staff changes frequently. Keys that are lost, and departing employees who fail to return the keys to the building at termination dramatically reduce the effective security of door locks. By assigning each person a pass code, the pass code can be singly removed from the system, disabling it from being used. In this case, human resources would simply delete the pass code for the departing resource.

Different departments operate according to various schedules. The system allows you to individually schedule partitions to allow disarming by personnel based upon the userís authority in the department.