Parking Gate Control System

Description and Purpose

Parking Gate systems allow cars to enter and exit parking lots within a scheduled time range. Parking gate access systems allow you to reserve parking for intended vehicles by keeping the general public out. You can control one or more gate/door controllers in a system.

The maximum number of gates on the system depends upon the control panel that you choose.

By issuing an identification device to each person authorized to park in the facility, you can use the system to limit access into parking lots and garages to authorized people. By integrating the parking access system to CCTV, you can view activity as users enter the parking lot.

Figure 1: Parking Gate Access

Gate access can depend on the user, the userís classification, the time of day, which gate is being approached, and the armed state of the userís department. In addition, changes to the status of a zone can either cause a gate to unlock, or cause the gate to lock down. By using one or more of these attributes, you can create Parking Gate policies that are extremely flexible and secure. By using a Parking Gate system, you can separate the general public from users.

You can use the system to conditionally lift any gate in the facility. Typically, gate systems cover all entrances to the parking lot.

Solving Parking Gate Issues

A facilities' staff changes frequently. Wireless remotes that are lost, and departing employees who fail to return the remote to the building at termination, dramatically reduce the effective security of the gate. By assigning each person an electronic identification device, such as a proximity card or key fob, the identification device can be singly removed from the system, disabling it from being used. In this case, human resources would simply replace the identification device instead of changing the locks on every door in the facility, ID devices are less expensive than remote transmitters.

Different departments operate according to various schedules for different doors. The system allows you to individually schedule gates to allow access to personnel based upon the schedule of his or her department.

Keeping the general public outside of restricted areas is a challenge, especially through gates that employees must frequently use.

The cost of a guard service is remarkable. By using Parking Gate, intercoms, and cameras, you can minimize the manpower requirements and quickly reduce the high cost of guard service.