High Security Disarming Options

Description and Purpose

Figure 1: User Attributes for Disarming Partitions

Facilities often have different departments that are open during different working hours. Personnel typically only work in one department, and do not need entry into other departments. This document discusses system capabilities for High-Security Partition Disarming.

An integrated intrusion detection system that offers the ability to control separate partitions is like having complete multiple systems in a single control panel. The system can control when each user can disarm selected partitions from system keypads. This dramatically reduces the installation costs related to securing each of the departments or separate offices.

The maximum number of partitions on the system depends on the control panel you choose.



Figure 2: Partitioning A System

Solving Security Issues for Facilities with Varying Security Requirements

Locations with multiple departments that have various authority requirements can be a challenge. The Honeywell system allows for many arming options.

Department Arming: Honeywell’s solution allows you to arm the system in many ways. You can arm and disarm each department separately, depending on your authority within the department. You can leave unattended departments armed while only disarming areas where persons should be. The system can handle the separate needs of the vault, the teller line, the loan office, and the ATM Machine.

Two-person Disarming: The system also features “Two-person Disarming,” a method of disarming that requires two separate persons to disarm the system. After the first person enters a pass code to disarm the system, a second person enters a pass code to suppress a pending ambush message.

Anti-ambush Disarming: The system also features the best anti-ambush disarming capability in the industry. It uses a method of disarming that requires a person to enter a pass code to disarm the system. After entering and checking the department for security issues, the person enters a second pass code within a specified time period to suppress a pending ambush message.

Timed Vault Disarming: The system can disallow disarming of vaults or high-security departments outside of programmed time schedules. This allows janitorial and clerical staff to work in low-security departments with broader work schedule options.

Some facilities house items or information with varying classifications of secrecy. They may have high-security conference rooms or test laboratories. For facilities like these, Partition arming fits right in. Limiting traffic in controlled departments after hours is essential to the reliability of privacy, or long-term tests in the laboratory.

In a facility, a single individual may have different privileges or authority from one department to the next. For example, Bob Smith may be the manager of the Quality Assurance department, but only a customer of the Human Resource Department. The system’s powerful capabilities allow a single individual to have different authority in different departments.

A facilities staff changes frequently. Lost keys and keys of employees who fail to return them at termination, dramatically reduce the effective security of door locks. By assigning each person a pass code, the pass code can be individually removed from the system. In this case, human resources would simply delete the pass code for the departing person.

Different departments operate according to various schedules. The system allows you to individually schedule Partitions to allow disarming by personnel based on the user’s authority in the department.