ATM Machine, Vault, and Safe Protection

Description and Purpose
ATM machines, vaults, and safes offer a number of challenges. Often placed in unattended public areas, they are subject to intrusion and vandalism. There are a number of ways that a machine is attacked. The system can sense heat from a torch, machine tilting and removal, door open, and proper temperature range for the computer equipment inside.
Solving Intrusion Issues

There are a number of critical issues that are solved with an intrusion detection system.

Heat Detection: Sometimes, intruders use cutting torches to make entry into the machine. By including a heat detector, the system can detect sudden changes in heat, effectively sensing this type of entry.

Door Position: When unauthorized entry occurs, entry is often made through the door. The system uses a door position sensor to detect when the door is opened.

Machine Removal: Often, machines are dragged away from their designated location. By installing a floor contact on the ground, and aligning a magnet on the bottom of the machine, the system can sense if the machine is tilted or moved.

Operating Temperature: In the event the machine loses power or the cooling system fails, computer equipment within the machine can malfunction and remove the machine from service. By including a temperature threshold sensor, the system can send a message if the machine is too warm. This allows maintenance persons to be notified so the machine can be quickly restored to service.

Figure 1: ATM Machine, Vault
and Safe System

Connections and Considerations

The table below refers to the drawing in Figure 1. If you are using this document on line, click the links in the table below to see more information.


Model No.


Mounting Options




Contact: Surface Mount

Exposed on Door or Window Frame

1.25” gap



Contact: Overhead Door Contact

Exposed on Floor or Door Frame

2.00” gap



Temperature Detector

Inside machine

Requires 4193SN


System Sensor

Heat Detector

Inside Machine toward top

Requires 4193SN



V-Plex™ Data Bus


Connects to addressable devices, zone input devices and relay modules.



2-wire, 18 AWG, Fire rated, Non-shielded

Use Genesis 1118 for Non-Fire Applications

This part number is an example. See your building and electrical codes for actual jacketing requirements.


Where to use ATM Machine Security

Many facility types include intrusion detection systems in the building systems. Some examples of these facilities include: airports, schools, lobbies, auditoriums, cash payment centers, banks, retail stores, laboratories, pharmacies, and public processing centers.