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Using the Honeywell Total Connect brand in your Sales & Marketing Materials

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Please Read - Important Information

  • The Total Connect® and Honeywell Total Connect® brand are trademarks of Honeywell International Inc. Dealers may use the Honeywell Total Connect logo in their company’s advertising, literature and websites solely in connection with the marketing of the Honeywell Total Connect service. The Honeywell Total Connect logo may only be used jointly with the Honeywell Security Products Dealer logo, and according to the rules published here. Please read the information below.

  • The Honeywell Total Connect logo may not be used in the banner area of a website. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by Honeywell

  • When using the Honeywell Total Connect® brand in marketing materials, use the ® symbol with the first mention of the trademark and include a notice on the bottom of the page with the following designation: “Honeywell Total Connect is a trademark of Honeywell International Inc.”

  • Dealers may not use the Honeywell Total Connect® brand in any manner that would represent or imply that it is a product or service of their company

  • Do not register Total Connect or Honeywell Total Connect as part of a website url or domain name

  • There is a collection of photography available for dealers to use in their sales and marketing materials. It can be found at: Please include the following designation on the page where the photography is used: “Honeywell Total Connect images © Honeywell International Inc.”

Register to Use the Honeywell Logo

To register for the use of the Honeywell and Honeywell Total Connect logo and to receive authorization and artwork to proceed, please link to the following URL and click through the very simple and easy instructions:

If you have questions or need further information, call 1-800-645-7568, ext. 2819 or email us at