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Smart card technology is ideally suited for access control, logical (PC) access, storage of biometric templates, parking, ePurse and many other applications requiring reliable read/write cards. MIFARE Classic and DESFire are widely used for these applications.

OmniAssure™ from Honeywell is a range of 13.56 MHz contactless smart card readers that offers superb reliability, consistent read range and ease of installation. Each OmniAssure reader incorporates smart card technology allowing the user to support MIFARE Classic and DESFire 0.6 applications and multiple applications on each card simultaneously.

OmniAssure readers can retrofit most standard Honeywell or Wiegand-output proximity systems and are easy to install without the need to rewire. Reader versions include smart card reader only, smart card reader plus keypad, and a multi-technology smart card/prox transit reader. All wall-mount readers are sold as mullion with an optional gangbox mounting kit.

MIFARE Easy Ordering Programme
OmniAssure offers an easy-to-order and easy-to-use MIFARE solution. Prior knowledge of MIFARE encryption and technology is not required as a selection of pre-programmed MIFARE classic cards and matching configured readers are available to order.

Transition from HID PROX to MIFARE or DESFire
Access control systems that need to switch from HID PROX card based technology to a MIFARE Classic or DESFire card based solution can easily do so with OmniAssure.

MIFARE / DESFire Projects
For MIFARE Classic or DESFire 0.6 projects, with special encryption and data file setting requirements, OmniAssure Card Serial Number (CSN) readers can be used. As such, the installation can be tested technically prior to setting the reader to a project specific encrypted mode. The readers can also be set on site to encrypted mode using configuration cards.


  • Compatible with ISO14443 13.56MHz RFID technologies
    - MIFARE® Classic
    - DESFire® 0.6
  • Compatible with 125kHz RFID technologies
    - 125 kHz HID® Prox
  • Easily order MIFARE Classic cards like proximity cards (off the shelf ordering)
  • Easily order Mifare reader for indoor and outdoor use
  • Flash-on-card technology can be used to manage security keys and change the operating characteristics of the reader
  • Project management is optionally available
  • Mullion and switch plate mounting
  • Built-in audible buzzer
  • Two LEDs (red and green)
  • Potted for weather resistance
  • Configurable output
    - Wiegand (Default)
    - Clock and Data
    - ISO7811 Clock & Data ABA Track 2 emulation
    - Serial (RS232/RS422/RS485)

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Part No.  Description 

MIFARE Classic Sector Reader and MIFARE CSN
OT35HONBM MIFARE reader with keypad
MIFARE Transit Sector Reader and 125 kHz HID Prox
OT31HONBM MIFARE transit reader
OT36HONBM MIFARE transit reader with keypad
Programmed MIFARE Classic cards compatible with OT3xHONBM
OFP1N34 MIFARE 1K PVC card, 34 bit format
OFK1N34 MIFARE 1K Key fob, 34 bit format
OFP1N26 MIFARE 1K PVC card, 26 bit format
OFK1N26 MIFARE 1K Key fob, 26 bit format
MIFARE multi technology cards compatible with OT3xHONBM
OFH1N34 MIFARE reader
OFH1N26 MIFARE reader with keypad

MIFARE CSN Reader - MIFARE Classic Project reader
OT35HONBS MIFARE reader with keypad
MIFARE Transit CSN Reader and 125 kHz HID Prox - Project reader
OT31HONBS MIFARE transit reader
OT36HONBS MIFARE transit reader with keypad
MIFARE Classic unprogrammed cards
OFP1N00 Unprogrammed MIFARE 1K PVC card
OFK1N00 Unprogrammed MIFARE 1K Key fob
OFP4N00 Unprogrammed MIFARE 4K PVC card
OFK4N00 Unprogrammed MIFARE 4K Key fob
MIFARE multi technology cards
OFP1N0034SP Unprogrammed MIFARE 1K, Programmed 34-bit HID Prox PVC card
OFP1N0026SP Unprogrammed MIFARE 1K, Programmed 26-bit HID Prox PVC card

DESFire CSN Reader - DESFire 0.6 Project reader
OT30HONBD DESFire reader
OT35HONBD DESFire reader with keypad
DESFire Transit CSN Reader and 125 kHz HID Prox - Project reader
OT31HONBD DESFire transit reader
OT36HONBD DESFire transit reader with keypad
OmniAssure Miscellaneous Reader Parts
IEMOUNTB Gangbox mounting kit for OT30, OT31, OT35, OT36 models
IETAMPERB Tamper switch accessory for all readers
DESFire 0.6 unprogrammed cards
ODP4N00 Unprogrammed DESFire 0.6 4K PVC card
ODK4N00 Unprogrammed DESFire 0.6 4K Key fob

Mifare® and DESFire® are trademarks of NXP Semiconductors N.V. HID®, HID®Prox and ISOProx® are trademarks of HID Global.

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