Video Surveillance

Honeywell has the security industry’s broadest, most robust selection of digital video solutions. Our advanced digital matrix switching systems are the world’s most powerful, and can support up to thousands of cameras. And our high performance cameras can function in even the most hostile industrial conditions. We have cameras with IR illumination for seeing in total darkness, wide dynamic range cameras that can provide amazing detail in the most severe high contrast situations and even explosion-proof domes for volatile and gaseous industrial environments.

Digital Video Manager (DVM)

The key to a successful video system is being able to manage and filter through the vast amounts of video information that is captured continuously. Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager (DVM) enables control of all systems from a single workstation and fully integrates with access control and other intrusion systems. It can respond to alarms and events, automatically recording and sharing vital video between the control room and the security command center, making the system less dependent on operator observations. DVM also enables you to take advantage of your existing network, eliminating the need for coaxial cables and providing you with unprecedented flexibility in camera positioning.

  Digital Video Manager

Digital Video Manager Data Sheet
Honeywell’s 2007 Video Systems Product Catalog