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Honeywell’s high capacity, feature-rich VISTA-20PUL is a UL Listed, economical control/communicator that supports up to 48 zones of protection using basic hardwired, wired expansion, and/or wireless zones. The VISTA-20PUL also includes Ethernet uploading and downloading capability for Internet and Intranet use via Honeywell’s 7847i and 7847i-E communications products. The panel’s installation advantages, appealing end-user benefits and robust system capacity make the valuepriced VISTA-20PUL an ideal choice for light commercial applications.


  • Ethernet uploading and downloading capability for Internet and Intranet use via 7847i and 7847i-E
  • Supports four graphic touchscreen keypads
  • Wireless keys can be programmed without using zones
  • Eight on-board hardwired zones standard (15 when Zone Doubling feature is used)
    – 40 hardwired expansion zones
    – 40 wireless expansion zones
  • Two low current on-board trigger outputs
  • 100 Event Log viewable at system keypads with time/date stamp
  • 48 system user codes assignable to either partition
  • Expandable to 48 total zones when used with hardwired and/or wireless expansion modules
  • Two independent partitions plus a common partition
    – Global Arming from any system keypad
    – Go to function to view or operate one partition from the other
    – Separate partition account numbers
  • 16 output devices
    – Relays (Model 4204 Relay Modules, or 4229 Expansion Module), and/or
    – X-10® devices (when used with a 4300 Transformer)
  • Four installer configurable zone types allows the installer to create custom zone types by assigning all zone attributes
  • Supports four-wire, and up to 16 two-wire smokes
    – Works with Sentrol CleanMe™ maintenance signal
  • Multiple actions on output devices depending on system “state”
    – Turns lights off when system arms
    – Turns the same light on when system disarms
    – Flashes same lights when system is in alarm condition
  • Built-in phone line cut monitor with programmable delay and annunciation options
    – Display on system keypads
    – Trigger local sounders
    – Trigger system bell

Security Dealer Features

  • Automatic System Load Shed
    – During extended AC power fail, the system battery will be disconnected to prevent irreversible battery failure. Reduces service calls to replace batteries
  • Dynamic Signaling
    – Reduces redundant reporting to the central station when multiple reporting methods are used; i.e. digital dialer and AlarmNet radio

Product Documentation

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TC20 Programming Notice PDF 89.11 KB 10/13/2011
Commercial Features Comparison Chart PDF 32.60 KB 09/15/2011
All Training Opportunities Available to Dealers PDF 464.80 KB 06/02/2016
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